?What are the calibration certificates contained

?How to extract useful information from calibration certificates

.The measuring equipment must be calibrated within the defined time periods

This means that the reference equipment with a higher accuracy, in accordance with international standards, performs the calibration process and results in the calibration report being issued

.Calibration certifications include different parts that pass labs with ISO / IEC 17025 certificates to their customers

.These calibration certificates provide useful information to their users

.The calibration certificate information includes technical information such as scope, grade, calibration environment, etc

.You can also see the standards that calibrated the calibrated measuring equipment in the calibration certificate

In the calibration certificate, you will find information about the upper and lower limit of errors, the determination of the range of errors, the calibration and standard deviation results, and etc., which is intermittent according to the standard of each equipment

Quality calibration laboratory Improvement of quality in order to communicate effectively with its customers and with regard to social responsibility in order to promote the work culture, will conduct a training seminar with the following title in the General Directorate of the Guilan Provincial Office

“Analysis of calibration certificates”