Tecnosoft manufactures a variety of data logger

TECNOSOFT Company started in 1989 in Italy. The company was initially active in research and development (R & D) for new management software. Now it’s working on a variety of datagrams.

In 2002, after realizing the needs of its customers and audiences during these years, it launched a new product and service in the form of research and development (R & D) projects.

This development program led to the production of data loggers from TECNOSOFT. Tecnosoft’s data loggers are used in a wide range of industries.

TECNOSOFT, in addition to producing a variety of data loggers, provides comprehensive solutions for the control of situations in industrial, medical, transportation and labs.

The diversity of data loggers of the company has made it possible for all customers’ needs to have a complete and professional solution.

Behboud Samane Caspian Company is the official representative of the sales service and after sales of TECNOSOFT company in Italy. The company has the ability to meet the needs of organizations and industrial units regarding equipment related to temperature, pressure, and humidity data loggers in general and specialized fields.

The distinctive features of TECNOSOFT products are high precision, high battery life, antistatic and dust-free, and specialty grades of various industries (pharmaceuticals, food, transportation, etc.). The temperature range of the company is 80 to 240+ degrees Celsius.

All equipment of this company meets the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 standard. Currently, it is possible to supply its products in Iran with after-sales services for 10 years.

These products include:

۱- Temperature sensor (temperature stability) TEMPNFC WITHOUT SENSOR

۲- Temperature sensor (temperature stability) TEMPNFC WITH SENSOR

۳- Temperature and humidity sensor (temperature and humidity stability) HUMISTICK

۴- Temperature sensor (temperature stability) TEMPBLE

۵- Temperature and pressure sensor (pressure and temperature stability) for PRESSUREDISK autoclave

To view a variety of data loggers as well as other equipment related to the website of the Caspian System Improvement Company.