Calibration of gas volume correctors, pressure gauges, gas station turbine meters is underway.

According to the contract, Poindegan Calibration Laboratory of Quality Improvement, Calibration of Gas Volume Correctors, Pressure Gauges, Gas Station Thermocouples is being implemented by Guilan Gas Company.

During this contract, 2 pressure gauges, 2 temperature gauges, 2 gas volume correctors, 2 turbine meters were performed by the Poingegan Calibration Reference Laboratory and the official certification was issued by the National Iranian Gas Company and National Iranian Standardization Organization. Is coming.

It is worth noting that Poindegan Quality Improvement Company has been on the list of Calibration Service Providers of Iran National Gas Company since year 6 and provides Calibration Services to Provincial Gas Companies.

In addition, the company holds the rank of contractor in the field of oil and gas contracting services from the Management and Planning Organization and is one of the leading companies in this field.

Customer satisfaction has always been one of the main goals of Poindegan Quality Improvement Company, which has led to numerous projects referring to Poindegan Quality Improvement Company.

Poindegan Quality Improvement Company has been active in training and consulting management and industrial systems and techniques since 2007. In addition, since 2012, as a calibration reference laboratory, it has added activities to industrial units and applicant organizations to its work process.