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Are you of those managers and experts who have not succeeded in updating your managerial data because of the lack of time? How long have not you take a training course in order to enhance your skills

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Are you of those managers and experts who have not succeeded in updating your managerial data because of the lack of time? How long have not you take a training course in order to enhance your skills?s

General courses (Public):
Training department of P.B.K organizes various educational courses by equipping the appropriate infrastructures and precise planning at the company, the conditions of which are presented in the educational calendar.s

The advantages of general training courses include:

Participants from different organizations and sharing experiences

Appropriate facilities and educational environment

High effectiveness of training process

Terms and conditions:

For pre-registration, you need to send a letter of introduction from the applicant’s unit (or individually) and completing the registration form of training course, which is done by one of the following ways:

Fax: +9813-33253181-33254581

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: 09037031403

Pre-registration will be reserved up to 15 work days. Applicants are able to definite their registration at this time. A definitive registration is made by paying full fee and sending payment invoice.

Online application for holding general courses of system training and industrial and management techniques:

Pay tuition:

The tuition fee will be transferred to Mellat Bank account number 3370856142 or Tejarat Bank No. 5859-8310-2229 (Mohammad Reza Abadian) and will be sent to Education Department after attachment to registration form, in order to make a definitive registration.

Course fees include the lecturer’s fee, attendance at the course, pamphlets, lunch and snack reception, and issuance valid certification.

Change, Substitution and dissuasion:

Applying for other applicants after a definite registration in the intended period and completing the class capacity is not accepted for attending the course and the department will keep the classroom capacity reserved for the registered applicants. Therefore, the request to change the course and substitution of the registered person with another should be notified to the training unit within 3 working days before the date of course. Also, after payment, if a person discontinued from the participation, the amount deposited will return with a deduction of 10%. Otherwise, the registration is deemed definitive and no amount will be refunded.

The aim of training department of P.B.K is that education courses to be organized according to the scheduled program. In some cases, due to possible indispensable events, the date of the course will be changed or canceled.

In such situations, the matter will be announced to the definitive registrants within 2 working days before the date of the course, thus they will be refunded based on their willingness, and otherwise they will be able to register in the new course.

Discount instructions:

Training department of P.B.K, in line with their own realizing strategies has special conditions for its wide range of customers:

Registering more than 2 people (15%)

Presenting valid student card (15%)

Customers who have ongoing consultancy contracts with P.B.K. (10%)

Note 1: Discount rate in the case of above modes is at most 15%.

Exclusive courses (IN HOUSE):

Training department of P.B.K holds seminars and management and specialized training courses in the form of IN HOUSE amongst the customer as well as in targeted training packages. If your organization needs a similar training course for a number of employees, holding an exclusive course will be beneficial in terms of cost. It is also possible to matching the topics of course with industry and challenges in the organization. The duration of the course, content, scheduling and the manner in which it is presented is consistent with the viewpoint of the applicant unit.

Terms and Conditions

Applying for exclusive courses:

Applying for demanded training courses takes place at the site of the organization by sending a letter through fax number 013-33253181-33254581-or email address [email protected].

Online application for exclusive training courses on system training and management and industrial techniques:

Offer price for course:

Within 1 working day after receipt of the application for the exclusive course, offer price of the training department, including the required training course, the terms of the course, the cost, the introduction of the teacher, and other information required by the relevant expert will be sent.

Obligations and terms of holding course:

Arranging the place, the propagation of the training leaflets, providing training and attendance courses for participants in exclusive courses will be the responsibility of the employer.

The date of the training courses will be determined and agreed upon no later than one week before the start of the course.

Payment terms:

۵۰% of the agreed amount for the cost of conducting the training course will be paid as prepayment and final settlement will be done after the course. Payment will be at least one week after the course.

Educational certificates of the Successful participants will be sent within a maximum two weeks from the date of the course.

Consulting and deployment of management and industrial systems:

Today, customers need a certificate to show that service providers or their product manufacturers can provide quality products / services, but we must note that:

What is the philosophy and purpose of deploying quality management systems and excellence? Is it risky to be aware of literacy?

Given the process of globalization, if today the voluntary admission of quality systems and excellence is an advantage, tomorrow will be coercion. We should make a serious effort to promote this model in accordance with the terms and conditions governing its organizations.


P.B.K department of Consultation with more than thirteen years of experience in the establishment of quality management systems for industrial and service companies, government agencies, hotels, restaurants, universities, educational centers and using a team of experienced experts  is ready to serve and cooperate in obtaining the standard required by your esteemed organization.

Achievements of deployment of quality management systems and excellence in organizations:

  1. Having a single unique view for the organization’s future and determining the strategy, goals and plans for achieving them
  2. Strengthen documentation and transparency of processes, documents and records in the organization
  3. Attention to processualism rather than task force in organizations.
  4. Identification of common processes between units and removal of parallel activities.
  5. Avoiding island efforts and creating coordination and integration in the organization.
  6. Increasing the level of accountability, participation and trust in the organization.
  7. Increasing employee’s knowledge and skills, participation and teamwork.
  8. Attention and focus on customer viewpoint on products and services provided to organizations.
  9. Determining key indicators of the process and their targeting.
  10. Evaluation and measurement of access to goals.
  11. Determine the risks of processes and prioritize them as well as implement solutions to reduce risks.
  12. Manage hidden and obvious knowledge in organizations.

The process of obtaining certification of quality management standards and organization excellence:

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