The titles of Pouyandegan-Behboud-Keifiat training courses are held specifically for the applicant's units
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Placing PBK Company on the list of suppliers of the National Iranian Gas Company
Selection of Pouyandegan Behboud Keifiat Companies as a National Standard Training Center by the National Iranian Standards Organization
Appreciation of P.B.K in industry, mine and trade conference
The elected member in Islamic Council of Rasht Metropolis visited the most equipped and largest calibration laboratory in north of Iran. According to the Public Relations of P.B.K, Mohammad Hassan Aghel manesh and the board of entourage visited the facilities of P.B.K Calibration laboratory in the morning of Tuesday and they were exposed to the potential of this scientific and technical unit in the industry of Guilan.

Selection of Pouyandegan Behboud Keifiat as the top engineering unit of the country by the Deputy of Education, Research and Technology of “Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade”